United States Post Office Mailboxes Burglarized in Local Towns

Local cops departments reacted to robberies and thefts including United States Post Office blue collection mail boxes Little Falls at 229 Main St. and Woodland Park at 1017 McBride Ave. on March 16. Little Falls Police stated that unidentified star(s) pried open the mail boxes and took the contents of each. These thefts are now under examination with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and are considered major offenses. Under U.S. Code Title 18, theft or invoice of taken mail matter is a federal offense. Penalty under this title is a fine and/or jail time not more than 5 years. Topics might deal with local charges that consist of avoiding arrest, conspiracy, theft, taken property, and/or disorderly conduct. The USPIS mentioned that the stability of the US Mail, in addition to our clients who make use of the mails to perform correspondence, is exceptionally crucial to the United States Postal Service. It’s the objective of the US Postal Inspection Service to guarantee public rely on the US Mail which those who infringe upon that are captured and given speedy justice.

The USPIS also stated comparable collection box thefts took place that exact same night near 1 De Boer Dr. in Glen Rock, 12-44 River Road, Fair Lawn, and 7-13 Rover Rd., Fair Lawn. Detectives say that in all cases, suspects are most likely trying to find financial instruments (i.e. checks, money orders) or money bearing presents (i.e. present cards). They also specified that in a number of circumstances the topics “wash” (aka modify) the checks to bear a payable party unidentified to the stemming party or account owner. This leads to payments not gotten by the desired party. Victims have gone through late costs and/or charges related to nonpayment of services or credit payments. Checks are from another location transferred making use of different applications supplied by the financial institutes, in addition to ATM’s at different banks. Topics have produced checks based upon the known account number noted on the taken check to draw extra funds from the account prior to the victim having any understanding of these withdrawals up until their next bank declaration.

Due to the level of sensitivity of these examinations, the USPIS might not talk about video security or strategies used by police but did issue the following declaration to local homeowners: ” We the USPIS know these problems within the Northern New Jersey area, in specific Woodland Park and Little Falls, and are dealing with local and state police to determine and prosecute those accountable. Postal Inspectors will continue to strongly pursue these examinations where the United States Mail is used to facilitate this criminal activity. We are presently examining and executing extra ingenious techniques to protect the U.S Mail. Among the many efforts the United States Postal Inspection Service has  led is making use of retro-fitted mail boxes with extra security gadgets set up at choose places to deal with the mail box fishing issue in New Jersey.

Found on a number of collection mail boxes the United States Postal Inspection Service has put multilingual stickers encouraging consumers to prevent transferring mail in the mail box after the last published pick-up time by the U.S. Postal Service. These stickers are put on the mail box caution consumers of the capacity for mail transferred after significant pickup times of being damaged or taken. Crooks use “fishing” gadgets in efforts to access to blue collection mail boxes. These gadgets normally include a sticky gadget such as a glue rodent or insect trap. A possible sign that a collection mail box was a target is the existence of glue residue in or on the mail box.”.

Bergen, Union, Passaic, Middlesex, and Essex counties have reported the plan. To make sure not to endanger any active examinations, and not to call particular towns, we are asking clients in the following counties to be alert relating to mail box fishing. Clients can help keep the mail safe by reporting any suspicious activity around the mail boxes. If any customer thinks they have been a victim of mail theft as an outcome of mail box fishing, they must get in touch with Postal Inspectors at 877-876-2455, and choose Option 2. Report this straight to the United States Postal Inspection Service versus your local Post Office to guarantee that your grievance is attended to and the info is reported in a prompt way to your local Postal Inspector