April 2018 archive

Did Obama’s Justice Department Force the FBI to Delete 500,000 Fugitives from a Background Check Database?

A choice by the Justice Department under the Obama administration required the FBI to purge the names of 500,000 fugitives from justice from the background check database for guns purchases. The political skirmishing over ways to resolve the issue of weapon violence in the United States took a new turn in March 2018, with the …

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United States Post Office Mailboxes Burglarized in Local Towns

Local cops departments reacted to robberies and thefts including United States Post Office blue collection mail boxes Little Falls at 229 Main St. and Woodland Park at 1017 McBride Ave. on March 16. Little Falls Police stated that unidentified star(s) pried open the mail boxes and took the contents of each. These thefts are now …

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Trump slams his Justice Department for not signing up with battle over Arizona motorist’s licenses for ‘dreamers’

President Trump on Wednesday slammed his own Justice Department for not advising the Supreme Court to get associated with a battle over whether Arizona can reject chauffeur’s licenses to the young undocumented immigrants called “dreamers.” In an early morning tweet, Trump stated he concurred with Fox News analyst Lou Dobbs, who slammed the inactiveness on …

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